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With billions of square feet of flooring sold annually all over the world, its no wonder that 'spoilt for choice' consumers often become confused when it comes to choosing a new floor for their home or business premises. Put simply, the choices are extremely vast for anyone seeking the perfect floor. From Laminate to Hardwood, Bamboo to Cork, Carpet to Vinyl and much more, there is something to suit everyone but, let the truth be known, not every type of floor suits the needs of every potential buyer.

Some may like the classic look of Hardwood Flooring. It certainly is one of the most desirable choices of floor on the market today, but it simply isn't for everyone, especially those with busy lifestyles that want their new floor to perform well without the need for regular or costly maintenance.

People wanting a quick and easy solution to their flooring needs may opt for the versatility and simplicity of Laminate Flooring, for it offers ease of installation and requires the minimum of care to keep it looking its best. It also comes in the largest choice of colors, wood grains and stone or ceramic textured looks of any flooring available today.

Those mindful of protecting the planets natural resources may well decide that Bamboo Flooring suits their needs. It's certainly an environmentally sound choice but that's not all. Performance wise it compares well to some hardwoods, and in many ways is remarkably similar in appearance. A wide choice of colors also add to its appeal, which allows it to be matched to just about any decor.

Cork Flooring is yet another choice for the environment conscious consumer. Cork is peeled from the trunk of the Cork Oak tree and simply grows back again within a decade, it's a process that can repeat itself over and over for hundreds of years. Cork has numerous other benefits too - It is a natural insulator against both cold and sound. It is warmer to the touch than any other wooden floor and has a natural springiness to it that is a godsend to those that suffer from arthritis or aching joints. It's also hypoallergenic, meaning that it is an ideal flooring choice for allergy sufferers.

Whichever type of flooring you are seeking, taking steps to ensure that you know your stuff before you proceed with purchasing a new floor is a crucial step in making sure that your purchase is the right one for your needs. On this site you'll discover all you need to know about each of the main floor types, as well as the various options available to you. Our aim is to guide you through the maze of options and choices so that you, like many others before, can become the proud owner of a striking floor that serves your needs well, and does so for many years to come!


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